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Rain Policy

1) The Farmers’ Market is open on rainy days – we would close for high winds, but not much else – and most of the farms will come on rainy days – the produce ripens and won’t hold for a week. The good news is for a light, occasional rain or drizzle we’ll get maybe 500-650 people. For a more robust rain we’ll get around 350-450.

However, when it rains, most of the people will dash over to their favorite farm and rush back to their cars. Weekly vendors will sometimes do OK, also. But there is little activity for performers, craft vendors, community guests, or chefs. In addition, some vendors have products which are particularly rain
intolerant – soap, items made from paper, etc. So the next part of the rain policy is:

2) Do what you think is best – we’ll understand. I hasten to add, that if you stay home every time rain is forecast you’ll miss a lot more good days than bad ones. We have an unnamed, formerly-wimpy baker who will attest to that! And we have a basket vendor who had her best day in the aftermath of a hurricane.

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